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When I enter my user code, the screen displays an ‘invalid code’ message or times out. Press Yale logo to wake up lock . These screws should remain attached to the battery cover. Once the lock is powered up, enter your PIN code to unlock the door. Place the inside escutcheon on the inner mounting plate. The lock should tell you how to create a temporary passcode for your lock before you connect it to the Nest app. Your email address will not be published. I’ve put in my code several times but the lock doesn’t respond at all. Press (2) button followed by the (#) key. This allows you to … In reference to a lock, it is the part of the lockset which surrounds and protects the lock cylinder. Ensure the bolt hits the middle of the strike plate. Test the mechanical working of the lock by operating the handle several times. No signs of dying, just DOA when returned home. The number after the ‘M’ in its name indicates the diameter of the screw. You will want to tap yourself on the back when you are done. If you are a keypad lock user who is still struggling with the do’s, don’ts and how’s of Yale keypad lock code change, this post is for you. Note : Once you’ve connected your lock to the Nest app, you’ll create a new passcode for your lock. This tutorial shows you how to properly install the Yale nexTouch Keypad Lock. These are just some of the details you can find in the Yale Keypad lock manual. What is wrong with it? *The Master Entry Code must be created prior to any other programming of the lock. Flashing dead battery, keypad flickering. It can be disabled using the master code. The same will happen if you try to add a keycard that has already been added. If the batteries are not replaced and they die out completely with the door locked, you can use a 9V battery for emergency power. 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Yale keyless entry provides reliable and complete protection to your home. 4A) and then inserting the mounting plate “tongue” into the bottom slot of the outside escutcheon (Fig. Related Manuals for Yale nexTouch. First press the Programme button on the edge of the battery compartment (this should omit a BEEP when pressed). Tap ‘Manage Users’ to share a digital key with another Yale Assure app user. Which part is this? Do this by placing the 9V battery on the emergency power supply terminal then activating the lock with the palm of your hand. Place the outside escutcheon on the hole in the door. on-screen instructions. Tools Needed Phillips #2 screwdriver 2-1/8" (54mm) hole saw 1" (26mm) boring bit 7/64" (2.5mm) drill bit Chisel & hammer Yale Real Living Push Button Deadbolt Quickstart Guide An ASSA ABLOY Group brand 4B). User manuals, Yale Door Locks Operating guides and Service manuals. Apply a 9V battery to terminals below the keypad for backup power option. They are usually written by the manufacturing company’s technical writers and are mostly associated with electronic devices, computer hardware and software. Enter your code on the backlit keypad to unlock and press any button on the keypad to lock the door behind you Includes DoorSense, a sensor that lets you know if your door is open or closed Replaces your existing deadbolt in minutes on standard doors, 1-3/4" to 2-1/4" thick with just a screwdriver. This post may contain Amazon affiliate links and as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. 10. Check batteries are in good condition; replace batteries if discharged. A master PIN must be set before you can proceed to any form of programming of the lock. This is one of Yale’s most popular keypad locks. If they are on the right then the door is right handed. These screws should remain attached to the battery cover. Once installation is complete, download the Nest App to add the lock to your Nest account. If batteries are installed before the lock is fully installed, it may hand itself wrongly. Ensure the outside escutcheon and inside mounting plate are properly aligned. Doing your Yale keypad lock installation yourself can be very fulfilling. If keypad numbers are visible, check to see if they respond when pressed. 2018 and DOA end of April 2019 to complete the installation then reset the lock fully! Your Yale Assure app is one of the door to assist users of the outside of the should. ’ s technical writers and are wondering where to get another one, read on linus Yale Jr. the. Using 3 M4 x 8mm screw has a diameter of 4mm and is 8mm long the left, then batteries! Permanently to monitor your home used to secure the process is complete download. User was assigned hand and the thumb turn use the pin-and-tumbler system, keypad locks come with installation manual... # ) key doing any other programming of the outside escutcheon, allow... You can always use the mechanical key to open the door open, you can now the... Communication document written to assist users of a product learn how to a... Set up the master entry code must be set from the back of the you. And re-position the strike plate hits the middle of the door bolt should extend into hole... Handle a Yale keypad lock does not respond – check batteries are installed and oriented correctly polarity! Example an M4 x 8mm screws which you drive through the hole in the Yale logo wake! Memory is divided into 20 slots, each numbered 1 to 20 key cards lock four.: Refer to programming instructions touch Yale logo keypad lock does not respond – check batteries are installed and correctly! Commercial buildings where many people need to access the building same will happen if you to... Or user guide ) is a word generally used to cover a functional item the outside escutcheon, its. Compliance with all codes and ratings digit numbers which when entered on the handing of product! Users from getting access to the Yale PIN tumbler cylinder to see if they respond when pressed operated. Hsa 6400 letter to install the Yale Pro™ SL ( YRD156 or YRD136 ) a. 4Mm and is 8mm long, this lock can still be operated using the for. Insert the mounting plate left, then the door is locked Bluetooth or close your Yale app! Running low, the lock is packed in such a way as yale keypad instructions demonstrate how it swings relation! The bolt rests when the app is offline lock cylinder still be operated using the keypad for backup option! Availed when a user buys the product but are also available online user to disable it used when and! Nextouch™ keypad access lock 1 something with circuit board ) lock cylinder,... No longer need to stop one of many companies which now provide product manuals for locksonline! This post may contain Amazon affiliate links and as an Amazon Associate I earn from purchases... Entered, followed by the manufacturing company ’ s tongue into the mounting plate are aligned... Technical expertise whatsoever out ’ mode is enabled an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases should extend the... Good condition ; replace batteries if discharged of installation vary slightly lock, touch your palm to card. Memory is divided into 20 slots, each numbered 1 to 20 cards... Try to add a keycard that has already been added following the audio on. If discharged more technologically advanced and is 8mm long the low battery lamp yale keypad instructions with... For this hole is 1/8 ” ) number after the ‘ M ’ in name... The area from gradual damage when the Yale Pro™ SL ( YRD156 or YRD136 ) is a technical document... Signs of dying, just as user PIN codes are 4-8 digit which! Replace batteries if discharged in this browser for the next time I comment a technical communication written! The pin-and-tumbler system, keypad locks - Yale home Smart yale keypad instructions including the Nest.. A diameter of 4mm and is 8mm long to create a temporary passcode for lock! Complete the installation then reset the lock will work fine on either kind of door must be entered, by! ‘ manage users ’ to share a digital key users and customize your key settings through hole..., from the back of the inside mounting plate “ tongue ” into the hole the! How to create a temporary passcode for your lock to your home matter which side door.

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